how I am currently using twitter for fantasy football

Today I picked up on this article by Matt Waldman¬†discussing the pros of using twitter for an edge in fantasy football. My twitter feed is currently a muddled mix of fantasy goodness — and glad for a few tips on how to make the experience better. My key takeaways were that I should

  • use more lists;
  • use a better client; and
  • use the facacta search button

I am also aiming to improve my engagements with the people I interact with on twitter. There is a great podcast out there by Matt Harmon¬†called Backyard Banter, and it is all about how fantasy football analysts gained their foothold in the industry. Often, guests offer the advice to start a blog — and that is why I am here.

Just don’t expect any insightful¬†analysis — I will leave that to the experts.

kicking off this blog

I have been playing Fantasy Football for 15 years. Started playing with a bunch of fraternity brothers in college — most of whom I am still in leagues with today. I enjoy the game but love the bragging rights amongst my friends.

This year, I discovered “fantasy football twitter” in an effort to gain an edge on my competition. It amazes me how much knowledge of the industry is on twitter — thorough and deep analysis of players, strategies, and etc. It is a utopia and I am glad to have stumbled across it.

I am going to use this blog to post what I learn, harrowing stories of domination and defeat, or any overall non-sense. Look forward to seeing what comes of it.