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img20160801aA few weeks ago, I picked up an orphaned dynasty team in a league mostly filled with people I knew in college. Playing fantasy football for 15 years, was stoked to own my first dynasty team. The roster has its strengths (WR) its weaknesses (RB), and its mediocrity (QB). The league is setup with 10 teams, 0.5 PPR, and shallow rosters — the latter of which make drafting and trades a challenge. Without the extra slots to store long-term projects, 90% of the 17-player 16 player + 1 IR roster needs to be immediately productive. Which is why having three tight ends on this roster baffled me.

Since joining, making trade proposals has been a top priority for me. While the team has a good core there were a few items I wanted to address.

  • Add (or replace) a RB, targeting an upside player who has already established himself.
  • Add a QB to replace Tannehill or Romo — which ever looked worse in camp (I’m looking at you Tony).
  • Add other skill players as opportunities present themselves.
  • Address any holes with 2-3 skill players in the rookie and free agent draft.

Thus far, I have traded Randall Cobb and a 2017 2nd Round Pick, for Derek Carr and Duke Johnson, Jr. — addressing two needs while giving on a position of strength.

And even fantasy twitter thought the trade was fair. 


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