dynasty draft results

082916aSaturday was the rookie and free agent draft in my dynasty league, and that morning started with a dollop of drama. About an hour before the draft, the Commissioner sent a notice that certain draft pick trades from the prior season had not been recorded — including my 2.05 pick. Coincidently, it had been traded to the owner of this team along with Jordan Cameron — for Dion Lewis.  Given I had two spots to fill and a five-player shortlist, I went into the draft open to making a trade along the way.

Pick One (1.05) – Sterling Shepard, WR, NYG: At this point in the draft, I had the choice to acquire any of my targeted players. At this position — it was between Shepard and Doctson. I opted for Shepard as I expect him to have a bigger impact this season. Although I do not need an immediate starter, having an extra option is always nice. Fantasy twitter also agreed with the pick.

Pick Two (2.05) – Tajae Sharpe, WR, TEN: At the beginning of the second round, the current holder of my pick offered to trade it back to me for a 2016 3rd and my 2017 2nd (which was previously his). This was essentially a straight trade of 2nd round picks, as my 3rd round pick would be nullified once my roster was full. I let the draft unfold, and accepted the trade as Sharpe was the last player on my short list remaining. Owner of the 2.06 pick was disappointed as he was targeting Sharpe as well — affirming my decision to move up.

Post draft, I dropped Tony Romo who fractured a vertebrae a few days earlier, and replaced him With Bilal Powell, RB, NYJ. Counting that move, this is how my roster stands (original roster can be found here).