keeper and dynasty results – week 3

This week I went 2-0 in my keeper and dynasty leagues. It’s week three and I moved off my lineups from the past two weeks.  This was mostly due to certain bench players moving into starting roles this week.

Keeper League

At 189 points, I finished second for the week in total points scored (first place scored an impressive 246 points). This week I faded Spencer Ware who was in a timeshare against the NYJ, and a banged up Tyler Lockett. I played Melvin Gordon and Charles Sims in their place — both of whom were put into starting roles with high anticipated volume.  I remain the only undefeated team in this league.


Dynasty League

At 126 points —  I scored the third most points for the week — but had a few misfires with Eric Decker and Brandin Cooks. I faded Spencer Ware for Charles Sims, and replaced an injured Antonio Gates with Hunter Henry.  I am the only undefeated team in this league.

keeper and dynasty results – week 2

This week I went 2-0 in my keeper and dynasty leagues. It’s week two and I found the match ups to be much closer. For both teams, my strategy was to stick with the same lineups I played in week one — as I typically give those lineups three weeks unless there are injuries or significant changes in playability.

Keeper League

At 139 points, I finished fifth for the week in total points scored. The score was much closer than it appears, with the match being won by the Minnesota DST. I’ll take it as this makes me the only undefeated team after two weeks in this league — a testament to the skill of the managers.


Dynasty League

At 147 points —  I scored the most points for the second straight week. My opponent this week was the second highest scorer at 145 points — making this an incredibly tight match through the final two minutes of the Oakland / Atlanta game. I am one of two undefeated teams in this league.


keeper and dynasty results – week 1

This week I went 2-0 in my keeper and dynasty leagues. It’s week one and this is going to be a LONG season — but the results validate my offseason and draft strategies for both teams. Now it is time to be a waiver wire hawk once opportunities present themselves.

Keeper League

It’s a high scoring league including PPR, multiple yardage bonuses, and return yard scoring (both for D/ST and individual players). At 182 points, I still finished third for the week. I am particularly proud of this team as I started fresh keeping no players prior to the draft (max 3). This week I played a tough opponent — the two-time league champion, and came out on top.


Dynasty League

This league has favorable scoring — however, it is not as high octane as the Keeper League. At 171 points scored the most points — and was 20 points higher than second place. My opponent this week also took over an orphaned team this offseason, but was less active in the offseason trade talks and drafted poorly.


daily fantasy results – week 1

If you are taking a look at daily fantasy sports this season, check out RosterCoach. Their free videos give a great overview of how to be competitive in daily fantasy sports, and their paid content takes it to  the next level. I dabbled with daily fantasy sports last season, but overall was not very successful. It’s a small sample size — but had much better results in Week 1.

Sunday Slate

I placed most of my entries in cash games, and won all of the match ups. Left roster was used in head-to-head contests, and the right was used in double ups. I also played in a few tournaments — including a free roll, and lost miserably.


Full Slate

I placed all of my entries in cash games. The left roster was used in triple ups, and the right was in a 10-person tournament (3 places paid). This was the only cash game I lost — and the mistake was to use a roster with less “chalk”.

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Overall Results