why I play the game (keeper league)

Sophomore year in college, and a bunch of my fraternity brothers decided to start a total points league. Back then, fantasy football was not overly popular. Sunday Ticket meant you went to watch out of market games and your league was a way to keep score against your friends. And the owner with Marshall Faulk proceeded to kick everyone else’s ass.

Today, we play in a ten-team, head-to-head keeper format — up to three and count as your respective first, second, and/or third round picks — with 0.5 PPR. Our draft is a week away and keepers have just been set. A few years ago, I knowingly mortgaged my fantasy future by trading Antonio Brown and some scrub Andre Ellington for Calvin Johnson and Tre Mason. I was a contender needing RB help for a playoff push — but ultimately fell short.

Calvin Johnson retired and I chose Matt Jones over David Johnson in a coin flip decision — now it is time to completely rebuild the team. Only player that I would consider a potential round 1 pick was Lamar Miller. Everyone else — including T.Y. Hilton, Mark Ingram, and Russell Wilson — were a stretch for the top three rounds. I have secured 3 of the top 7 picks in our draft– including number one overall. Although some players are off the board due to the format — there are definitely plenty of options for a rebuilding team including Ezekiel Elliott, Lamar Miller, Devonta Freeman, and Amari Cooper.

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

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