dynasty team – trade update

Tonight I confirmed the second (and likely last until the season starts) trade for my newly acquired dynasty team.  In this transaction I traded Dion Lewis for Charles Sims + a 2017 2nd round pick. Here is why the deal made sense to me:

  • I replenish the 2017 2nd round pick I previously traded to acquire Derek Carr and Duke Johnson, Jr.
  • Charles Sims’ average per-game statistics were in line with Dion Lewis for 2015. This includes 4.94 YPC, 68.12 total yards per game, and a TD every four games for Sims, compared to 4.78 YPC, 88.86 total yards per Game, and a TD every two games for Lewis. Sims accomplished this as  the number two in Tampa Bay, in a year when his teammate Doug Martin finished as a top-5 RB.
  • Ben Gretch (behind a paywall) further supports Charles Sims having a solid floor with big upside.
  • Fantasy football twitter agrees Charles Sims will continue to carve out a role.
  • The Rotoviz Dynasty ADP Trade Calculator considers it a fair trade.


Originally, this trade was going to include Michael Crabtree instead of a draft pick. Due to the shallow rosters we have (16 + IR) taking an extra player would leave no room to make a pick in the rookie and free agent draft. Given that WR was already a position of strength, I ultimately decided to add depth to that position through the draft.

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